Flower Guild

Members of the Flower Guild are dedicated to providing arranged flowers and/or greenery for the altar to make a more beautiful setting for the acts of worship and to remind the congregation of the wonders of the world created by God. Anyone interested in becoming a member need not have any experience as they will be trained fully in this special art.

If you wish to memorialize a loved one or to give thanksgiving to God for some special person or reason with altar flowers, your request will be listed in the Sunday bulletin on the Sunday of your choice. A donation is customary; envelopes are available in the Pew Racks. Flowers are not placed on the altar during the seasons of Advent and Lent, however names are listed in the bulletin. All money donated during Advent and Lent will be given to Habitat for Humanity to assist them in their work.



Flower Guild:
Maureen Hamilton: 321-723-2132
Judy Henderson: 321-327-3175

Altar Flowers:
Kitty McGuire: 321-723-7637

  1830 South Babcock Street Melbourne, FL 32901    •    Phone 321-723-5272