Why I go to HTEC

Why I go to Holy Trinity Episcopal Church

"From the first visit to a Sunday morning service, my family and I felt the warm and welcoming atmosphere Holy Trinity emanates. It is true that it takes a village to raise a family and I have been blessed to have Holy Trinity as part my life to help me raise, my then, two small children to young adults. At Holy Trinity, we have made lifelong friends in Christ to help us through the difficulties and share in the joys." (Jeannette P.)

"Our God is an awesome God who led us to Holy Trinity 30 years ago to help raise our beautiful family and lead us to continually grow in our walk with the Lord. Holy Trinity is a very spirit-filled and God-centered Church where you can feel the presence of the Lord in every person, smile, ministry, and activity. The Holy Trinity parish community represents the true sense of "Christian Family", welcoming each member into its fold, sharing their love for Our Lord, as well as their love for one another." (Dinah & Rick B.)

"Ever since I walked through the doors of Holy Trinity Church, I felt as though I'd come home! My Holy Trinity Family is a constant in my ever-changing life, and one I can always count on to be there for me. Such a spirit-filled congregation, we can enrich your life. Please come and let us help you know Christ." (Ann C.)

"I have attended Holy Trinity church for almost 21 years, invited by my daughter's classmate's mom. We are still good friends and in a ministry together. Coincidence? I think not. I go because I meet God there through the worship, wonderful people and teachings. It is a wonderful place to know God and then to make Him known." (Janet G.)

"Many of us who go to Holy Trinity speak of the friendly, loving atmosphere here and that's all true. We are a welcoming congregation. But more than this, I feel we do try to live up to our mission "to know Christ and to make him known" as we reach out to those beside us in the pews. Our vision statement, "Every member in ministry" is a testament to "God is working His purpose out" through this loving family at Holy Trinity." (Pat F.)

"The reason I am a member at Holy Trinity Episcopal Church is really quite simple. The parishioners are like an extended family, always welcoming and caring. Importantly, the myriad of ministries available at Holy Trinity provide every member with an opportunity to serve others while serving Christ in His church." (Frank C.)

"I moved back to Florida (Merritt Island) and visited multiple churches to make my decision where to worship. The friendly atmosphere was VERY apparent, as compared to the other churches I visited. I felt so VERY welcomed walking in the doors to Holy Trinity. I drive 25 miles one way to go to church; it is very worth it for me. Pam and Steve Easterday were my Priests in Idaho years back, which truly did not make my decision; it was the WHOLE church family." (Linda E.)

"Worship at Holy Trinity is not limited to singing a hymn, kneeling at the altar or listening to a sermon. Worship is a myriad of opportunities to love God and "...our neighbors as ourselves." It is sharing joy and sorrow, peace and purpose--to be blessed by giving and receiving and to be part of a community where care, concern and comfort extends beyond the walls." (Mary D.)

"I go to Holy Trinity because I feel it is the best place to improve my walk with God. It starts with the clergy and the choir and keeps getting better. We are involved in a Bible Study group, are making new friends at the Foyers dinners and really feel a strong bond of church community. Karen and I are very blessed." (Bob F.)

"The Holy Trinity family wrapped their arms around us as newcomers. New to the area, our little family was expecting a second child and our new church family at Holy Trinity fed our big and small persons spiritually (and literally too!). Holy Trinity has been our home ever since!" (Joey J.)



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