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Covenant Group

Covenant Groups: Are you looking for a safe way to explore your faith with individuals who share your interests and life experiences? Are you seeking to develop new friendships or strengthen some you already have? Ever want to learn more about, or process the sermon you heard? A covenant group might be just right for you!

What is a Covenant Group? Covenant groups are led by parishioners in fellowship with each other. In weekly small group meetings, parishioners and guests build Christ centered friendships, share their concerns and joys, deepen their understanding of the Gospel and their relationship to God, and offer support and prayers for each other. There can be covenant groups centered around ages, gender, or even interests. Perhaps a group of men could gather weekly at a coffee shop before work. Maybe a group of grandmothers might connect weekly in each others homes, a hiking group meeting at local trails, a gentleman’s group meeting before or after a round of golf, etc.

What happens in a covenant group? Groups will all develop their own style, along a similar outline. The group will open and close with prayer. Lasting between 1½ to 2 hours, a large portion of the time is spent with members sharing a high point and low point of their week. Then a discussion centered on a subject that rises out of “real life” follows, using a reflection guide based on the previous Sunday’s sermon and/or gospel. Most Covenant groups will have between 5-10 people present.

Holy Trinity currently has one Covenant Group that meets regularly. Please visit the link to the left to learn more about them.

Should you be interested in starting a new covenant group, please contact the church office.



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